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We provide Internet Consulting Services to business. We offer our expertise on all aspects of the World Wide Web including everything from server recommendations to installing advanced text-based search engines and large networked relational database management systems. IT Software Design Co. also works with clients from a wide range of industries to design and implement custom software solutions for company of all sizes.

  • Intranets/Consulting/Integration
  • eCommerce, Online promotion
  • B2B Site Design and Integration
  • Databases and Search Engines
IT Software Design Co. will help you deploy Web technologies within your enterprise to increase your workforce’s efficiency and productivity. For companies seeking to establish an in-house web site and/or connecting their existing network(s) to the Internet. IT Software Design will help you assess your needs as well as recommend and implement solutions to meet those needs. We will select, configure and install all hardware and software components needed to establish an Intranet and/or and online presence on the Web.
Online Commerce, Databases and Search Engines
In order to transact online commerce, IT Software Design Co. is capable of developing front end user interfaces to your company’s existing databases. We can also design and develop online databases and search facilities to showcase your company’s products and/or other information.

More about Internet
Benefits of using Internet as Marketing tools

bullet Reduced promotional costs
bullet More product choices for customer
bullet Less expensive way of distribution information
bullet 24 hours advertising around the world
bullet bring new products and services into market faster than before
Benefits for your customers

bullet Convenience
bullet More choices
bullet No pressure to make purchase decision
bullet Lower prices
bullet Shop 24 hours
If you are new to the Internet, there are many uses and resources available to you. Here are just a few of the business uses on the Internet.

bullet Marketing
bullet Sales
bullet Product Promotion
bullet Business Information
bullet Customer Service
bullet Public Relations
bullet Communication

Typical eCommerce Site Design / Consulting Phases

Web Site Layout Design & Programming

During web site planning and design phase , you will work closely with a eCommerce consultant/ programmer to:
Collect your inventory information and product images
Set up preferences for web site design, payment, shipping, return policy, privacy policy, etc.
Create and position of your eCommerce store profile
Establish your online promotion and marketing budget

Web Site Go Live / Performance Monitoring /
Further Site Enhancements

Your products will begin to get exposed according to the following:
Products are first listed on all auctions and marketplaces where listing fees are free
Product performance data is gathered and analyzed by eCommerce project Manager
Based on performance data and marketing budget, products begin to be listed on Premium Search Engines and Auction sites (eBay, uBid, Yahoo, AOL Shopping, Catalog City. and more).
Based on shopper feedback, new and existing web site functionalities will be added or further enhanced.

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