Secure Network Consulting

Firewall Services

IT Software provides the Firewall system for your network infrastructure. IT software employs industry-leading equipment to examine all traffic entry to, or exit from your network systems. All traffics that came in contact with your network are logged and analyzed. This allows our security engineers to recommend action to keep your data secure. With firewall technology, your business can take full advantage of the internet without worries.

VPN Service

IT Software offers a excellent range of Virtual Private Network (VPN) for business customers who is looking for further data securities toward information transmitted over Internet. As the number of security threats has increases over the Internet, not only is your data vulnerable but they also can be used as an entering point for other security bleach. This new VPN service would allow companies to add baseline security to their data by encrypting all data transmitted between to remote users and Internet server.

IT Software is utilizing Cisco’s VPN router and Microsoft’s VPN client technologies to provide you with this proven an affordable security option. VPN provides secure connection for your private data to travel across the public Internet. Now you can communicate with your vendors, employees, and customers while ensuring maximum peace of mind.

  Firewall Installation Overview

Installation Planning

During a planning meeting, your specific security requirements are reviewed, discussed and recorded.
Together, our security engineer and your business representative discuss:

  • Features and capabilities of the firewall.

  • Prerequisites.

  • Your company’s security requirements and security policies.

Firewall Configuration

During the configuration stage we will:

  • Configure the firewall environmental settings specific to your location.

  • Ensure the most current firmware release is loaded.

  • Define network settings for the LAN, WAN and DMZ port.

  • Implement network access services and filters.

  • Enable user management, encryption and event logging.

  • Test filtering functionality based on your security requirements.

  • Activate / Deactivate features required on the firewall.

  • Perform a backup of the final firewall configuration and firmware.

Firewall Installation & Testing

After the firewall has been installed and tested for connectivity we will begin an external security assessment of the firewall.  During this assessment we will:

  • Scan the firewall for port openings determined during the initial meeting.

  • Test firewall remote management functionality.

  • Ensure all requirements specified during the installation planning have been met.

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