Web Site Design and Development

Developing a Web site to meet your specific needs can be a complex task. Your IT Software account manager will assist in analyzing and defining your Web site requirements through consulting and design. An effective Web site should be more than a simple presence on the Internet; it must have the ability to attract customers and entice them to return, time and time again. In addition, your target audience needs to know how to locate your site. The IT Software team of creative and technical Internet professionals will help you promote your message while building your business.
* Concept
Through a refined needs analysis survey, IT Software will help you to determine your audience and develop a site that speaks to them. We focus on determining the best way to deliver your message and add value to your site, while saving your business time and money.
An effective Web site is informative, visually interesting, and easy to navigate. The IT Software design team of interface and multimedia designers will plan a unique look for your site, from quick-loading sites with visually stimulating images to high-impact sites that include the latest in multimedia. Once a concept has been developed, the IT Software design team will turn create a powerful and effective Web presence that reflects the attitude and personality of your unique business.
* Implementation
The IT  Software design team of programming professionals will build the structure of your site and design gateways that link the front end of your site to databases or other applications that provide functionality.
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