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Site Label Box:
This box will identify your site so that you can easily access your FTP server from the site Manager. You can label it whatever you want.

Host Address Box:
This is where you enter the FTP server address (i.e. host address, FTP address, IP address).

User I.D. Box:
Your assigned FTP user I.D.

Password Box:
Your FTP login password.


Profile Name:
This is a profile or configuration name and can be anything you desire to identify the connection you are creating.  You can label it whatever you want

Remote Host Name:
This is either a fully qualified Internet host name or an IP address. (i.e. http://www.YourDomainName.com)

Remote Host Type:
select: “auto detect”.

User ID: 
Your assigned FTP user id.

Your FTP login password. 

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